About MecNano

MecNano Technologies is a Technopark company established in June 2023 in Cube Incibation, Turkey's first and only deep technology-focused incubation center, located in Turkey's largest Technopark Teknopark Istanbul, which hosts the biggest companies in Turkey.

MecNano Technologies continues to work with the aim of commercializing Turkey's first portable fiber production device. Our company, which cooperates with the best companies in its field, produces liposomes, probiotics, and postbiotic raw materials for the health, food, cosmetics, and food supplement industries. It produces micro/nanofiber, micro/nanoparticle, and microneedle on a pilot scale for the academic community. MecNano Technologies also gives consultancy for the health, food, cosmetic, and dietary supplement industries on product development and formulation, and delivers both semi-finished and finished products.

MecNano Technologies, which provides cosmetic, biocidal, stability, morphological, and biological analysis services, also provides article editing, graphical abstract drawing, cover page drawing, project evaluation, and scientific training in cooperation with many scientists. Consequently, MecNano Technologies develops the right technology, customizes it to suit the needs of its customers and partners, and supports nanotechnology projects with unlimited consulting support, from pilot production to mass production. Developing the WORLD'S FIRST postbiotic mineral water, MecNano Technologies continues its efforts to break new ground.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is simple, enabling innovation through mass production of liposomes, probiotics, and postbiotics, especially nanofibers, and pilot production of other drug delivery systems such as nanoparticles and microneedles; to give direction to the sector and academia; achieving FIRSTS; producing innovative products in superior quality for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and food supplement industries, thus directly touching human health and happiness.

Our vision is very clear, not only in our country but also in the international arena, to produce products with high added value by signing the firsts, to offer the future and technology to the use of all humanity, and to be one of the leading companies in the world.