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R&D and P&D

As MecNano Technologies, we provide Research and Development and Product Development services for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and food supplement industries.

If there is a product that your company is considering to develop, just give us your opinion and we will develop the final product and present it to you as a formulation, semi-finished product, or final product.

If you only have the plan to launch a new product and you are not sure where to start and you are wondering what type of products you can produce, let's design alternative products for you and give them the final form together. Let's create your investment plans together.

Other services that can be included in our consultancy service in line with your requests are as follows:

  • Development of new products
  • Project writing support
  • Support for national and international patent applications
  • Support for product license procedures
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Monthly contact meetings
  • Addressing misleading scientific claims
  • Support for marketing activities
    • Promotional studies
    • Congresses and speeches
    • Information meetings
    • Development and control of labels and product containers
  • Product characterization tests
    • Microbiological analyses
    • Physical analyses (pH determination, viscosity determination, density determination, brix determination, physical examination)
    • Chemical analyses (hydrogen peroxide determination, active chlorine determination, anionic active substance determination, cationic active substance determination, ethyl alcohol determination, methyl alcohol determination, isopropyl alcohol determination, lactic acid determination, benzalkonium chloride determination, chlorhexidine gluconate determination, and fatty acid composition)
    • Stability tests (accelerated stability, long-term stability, open lid stability, freeze-thaw durability test)
    • Dimensional analyses
    • Morphological analyses
  • Product activity tests
    • In vitro cell culture studies
      • Skin irritation tests
      • Cytotoxicity tests
      • Activity tests